What is a drawing tablet?

A drawing tablet is a computer device that makes it possible for people to draw graphics and pictures. They are also referred to as a digitizer, digitizing tablet, graphics pad, or graphics tablet. The device consists of two items: a pad and a pen.  When the pen touches the pad, the motion is captured by the computer and is displayed in the computer program being used. It also renders the amount of pressure the pad received, which helps determine how thick and dark the line is - the same as if a person is using a real pencil. Often, the 'eraser' side of the pen also acts as an eraser with the tablet.

Beyond the art industry, tablet technology has reached the point of sale industry as well. Many businesses are using modified tablets to capture signatures for credit cards, received deliveries, signing in at doctors offices, etc.

Gone are the days of smudged graphite drawings; however, it does take a little getting used to the line showing up on the monitor or screen rather than where the pen is touching the pad.

Wacom is perhaps the most popular tablet vendor; however, there are many available options such as Tooya, PenPower, and VisTablet.



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